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Ronda is renowned for its spectacular setting situated within the rugged landscape of the Serrania de Ronda, the town is split in two, divided by the ”Tajo” gorge of 100m deep and spanned by the “Puente Nuevo” (new Bridge), divides the town  in two the old and the new Ronda.

Most monuments of note are in the old part  which retains Moorish influence.These include the imposing Church of Santa Maria la Mayor, the Palacio Mondragon, the Minaret of San Sebastian and lots of monuments and museums.

 Some monuments to visit: 

Arab Public Baths:This thermal building of the Arab time in the 13th-century   is perfectly conserved. The Baths is divided into three main zones following the Roman model. The hydraulic system, the boiler area and the water wheel structure have arrived to our days almost complete. Located at the San Miguel Quarter the old Arab Medina.

 The Casa of the Rey Moro :Belonging to its Arabic origin is a water mine. It is a complex work that descends to the bottom of the gorge “Tajo2. It was built inside the rock consisting of 365 stones steps descending vertically about 10meters. This water mine  has being built by slaves  bringing back water at the top of the city. This palace offers beautiful gardens designed by the famous Forestier garden architect and an amazing view to the gorge, the bridge and the New Ronda city.

 The bullring next to the New Bridge was built  in 1785 and is Spain’s Oldest. Built with sandstone, with a monumental sketch, its architecture is noble, with a double gallery of arches and the absence of uncovered sections. It shows more the spirit of a cloister than the one belonging to a place for bullfighting. The elegance of the bullring's interior cannot be compared to any other place for this purpose in Spain.

A stroll by the beautiful walk on the border of the Tajo offers squares, balcony, gardens  and spectacular views to the countryside . The Shopping is mainly located Calle de la Bola in the new city side where you will find plenty of restaurant and cafeteria. Visit as well the Alameda Square with its extraordinary landscape.

  Tourist Office: plaza de España  Tel : +34 952 871 272 47

 At 47km from the Coast. In San Pedro de Alcantara take the Ronda Road by the  A-397  at the arrival of the city on the fist round about take the exit 2 and follows by the A-369 to the old city center