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The white mountain village is just at 15km from Marbella in the area of Sierra Blanca with its highest peak "La Concha" and the dam  of "conception" which form a wonderful lake. This beautiful situation has been declared Biosphere reserve.

 Istan of Muslim origin who owes its survival to the distances separating it from the coastline .

After the re-conquest of the Iberian Peninsula during the fifteenth century, Arabs were forbidden to live near the coast to prevent them to communicate with their North African counterparts. Istan, 15 miles inland, escaped the depopulation and destruction suffered by other Arab settlements along the coast.

 Of Arabic origin the “acequias” or irrigation channels were used to transport waters both for irrigation and domestic use. They criss-crossed the whole village with branches leading off to irrigate orchards and plots of land along the way.” You can hear the sound of running water almost anywhere in the village, refreshing, soothing and intriguing.

Istán, known as the “Spring of the Costa del Sol”, is littered with numerous fountains where the water born in the springs of the Sierra pours out plentifully.  The fountains are an essential element distinguishing this white and flowery village, they are characterised by having a structure of ceramic tiles combining the colours of white and blue in representative scenes.  The sound of the fall and flow of water accompanies us throughout each and every street and confers a unique identity and personality to the town.
 "La Acequia del Chorro" beautiful fountain, like all the fountains is used for drinking water, and some of the inhabitants continue old traditions by washing their laundry.  

 Istan is very little visited by tourists and the atmosphere is filled with an absolute tranquility only sounds the noise of falling water and we feel that the time had stopped. 

Like many mountain village the streets are narrow and steep Istán designed when the only means of transportation were the mules.The best way to explore the town is on foot.In fact Istan, could be described as a walker’s paradise, with routes striking off into the mountains.

 You can enjoy a meal in the centre of the village at the Restaurant “Entre Sierras”  Avda. Juan Carlos 18- Tel. 0034 952 869 848 or in summer at the the Chiringuito of the municipal pool
 On the road to the village at the Rural  Hotel “Los Jarales " you can enjoy also a nice meal.

Office du tourisme Calle Empredada, 32 - Tel : 952 869 603

How to arrive: Only 15 km above Marbella from "The Puente Romano" by the MA-427  and after the A-7176 to the village