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Marbella Casco Antiguo

Marbella Casco Antiguo

 The jewel of Marbella is its “Casco Antiguo”(Old Town):  a picturesque maze of narrows streets, whitewashed small houses and pretty squares.


Evidence of Moorish, Christian and Roman history can be seen on many of its buildings. Take a look at the church of   Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación and, above it, the remaining towers of an old Moorish fortress; the 16th century “Ayutamiento” “Town Hall”, the Casa Consistorial which has a fine Mudéjar entrance and the 15th century Ermita de Nuestro Señor  Santiago, Marbella’s  earliest Christian Church. Worth a glimpse, too, is the attractive little “cofradía del Santo Cristo de Amor” chapel, at one end of the plaza. A stroll through this area is particularly enjoyable in spring when the heady scent of orange blossom fills the air.Marbella shopping

There are several Marbella : the town itself, now a busy commercial hub, the Casco Antiguo, the beachfront and marina.

In the heart of Marbella town there are plush apartments overlooking the Mediteranean sea. From the Casco Antiguo a short walk will take you to the "Parque de la Alameda". The pleasant little park features exotic plants, trees and fountains, with attractively tiled benches adding to the scene. Stroll down to the beachfront trough the Avenida del Mar , a broad pedestrian marble floors avenue adorned with fountains and a series of lively Salvador  Dali sculptures another nice square is the one of the Conception next the beach and lighthouse.


Marbella Church