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Tradition & Folklore

Tradition & Folklore


 Estepona’s agricultural and fishing heritage are basis for a number of long- standing traditions and crafts that can still be seen and enjoyed today. Estepona ‘s traditions are similar to those found in many places around Andalusia and include Flamenco music. Some of them are quiet spectaculars and well worth a visit to live  the real Andalusia lifestyle.

* “The Night of San Juan” on the 23rd June :

This is the longest night of the year. Each district of the city will burn statues on the beach representing one of the most important events of the year. Large crowds gather on the beaches including "Rada beach" and "el Cristo beach" partying around bonfires (Hogueras) and at midnight the tradition is to walk into the sea and make a wish or two.

Do not miss the celebration of San Juan in "Heaven Beach Club" on Playa del Saladillo, its the party everyone loves to go to!!

* The Local Fair (the first week of july) : 

Music, dancing and lively entertainment take over the streets of Estepona during the day and into the Recinto Ferial  at night, for a whole week.There are parades of horse drawn carriages and riders. The local fairground is lit up with people who come to enjoy the festivities in colorful costume and traditional Sevillana dress.

Everything is well organized and you can enjoy live music and Flamenco dance. Of course there is always great food and drink available (especially fried fish, ham and manzanilla sherry).

* “Virgen del Carmen day” on the 16th july:

This is a very popular religious procession. "The Virgen del  Carmen" is the patron saint of fishermen of Estepona. The procession starts in the afternoon and the Virgin del Carmen is gloriously paraded on a  heavy float covered with flowers and carried on the shoulders of numerous members of its Cofradía .

The cortège parades through the streets and along side the seafront of Estepona, along the way the Virgin is put on a boat taken out to sea to bless the waters of the city.

Many other boats escort her along the way and later she is returned back to Church.

Beware the town and especially Rada Beach are literally taken over by the crowd so get there early and enjoy the fabulous show.